Friday, May 10, 2013

Throwing Up

I am so proud of you two. No one barfed on our trip to Chicago! I was actually feeling not so good myself- what was up with the turbulence?!

You two are funny about throwing up on trips. When your brother was a little over two years old, and you were in my belly, we went to Europe. I woke up in the middle of the night to this gurgling sound, almost like someone turned on the faucet. I thought someone had gotten up and turned on the tub- a likely situation, we had put your brother's sleeping bag in the bathroom. Imagine my shock when I saw the vomitus! After a day of throwing up in Barcelona, the problem went away and we had a great trip.

When we went on the Disney cruise to Mexico, your sister, threw up on the boat and had to be sent back to the cabin. After a day of throwing up, she too, recovered fully, and we had a great trip.

Then there was the time that you threw up on Daddy as we were landing back at home from NYC. Oh, the two of you, walking around the airport like Rambo. A big, muscular Rambo. And a little cute one. I was just glad that I wasn't the one who got vomited on. Amazon woman walking around the airport isn't my idea of kosher.

You two are great travelers. Thank you.

Since I am talking about stuff coming out of your mouths, it is only right to end with a tip about something you do put in your mouth: Muffins.  I have a fascination about muffins. Fluffy, moist, full of fruit and potential. Potential for what? I am not sure, but just potential, just like you two.

The trick to very good muffins is this: Mix your batter, and let it sit in the fridge overnight. I have heard this is to allow the flour to really soak up the water. Beats me.  Just do it. Your families will thank you.  Love you kids.

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